DualDraw holds two US patents related to air quality equipment. This patented technology sets DualDraw apart in the marketplace for industrial air quality equipment. Both DualDraw patents focus on the design of the downdraft table work surface and its signature vented back stop.


The standard downdraft table work surface and vented back stop are perforated with hundreds of small perforations. Each perforation is spaced and sized uniformly from the next perforation. When air is drawn through these perforations, a vacuum is created and an even capture velocity is demonstrated across the DualDraw downdraft table work surface and vented back stop.

This symmetrical airflow across the work surface and vented back stop creates a uniform protective airflow across the entire downdraft table work surface. Thus, trained operators performing an application on the downdraft table work surface can be assured that their breathing zone is protected and cross contamination to other areas of their industrial facility will be minimized no matter where on the work surface their process is performed.


Photo of Standard Perforation Pattern on a DualDraw Downdraft Table Work Surface

For more information on these DualDraw patents or to read them in their entirety please click on the following links:

DualDraw Patent 5807414 or DualDraw Patent 6290740. Please call 1-800-977-2125 with questions.